10 Incorrect Ancient Greek And Roman Theories About The Body

Using the minimal systematic understanding they had, the ancient greek language and Roman civilizations developed a number of ideas concerning the human body. While some had been correct, many are not. As a matter of fact, some doctors, philosophers, and thinkers first got it hilariously incorrect.

10 Food Was Changed Into Blood Because Of The Liver
Originator: Galen

Probably the greatest Roman (however, he was of Greek ethnicity) physician ever, Galen published a huge few writings on the human body and proposed many correct concepts. One of the incorrect ones that he thought ended up being that food had been digested by the stomach and taken to the liver, where it was turned into bloodstream. The prevailing concern that for many of Galen’s errors was that he’d never ever dissected a human human anatomy; inside the time, it was outlawed because of the Roman Empire. His theories were commonly followed—practically blindly—until the 16th century, whenever Flemish medical practitioner Andreas Vesalius begun to matter Galen’s findings.

9 Lambs Grew From Trees
Originator: Megasthenes

Megasthenes had been a Greek explorer which returned from a trip he took to India and penned a book about his moves. He labeled cotton flowers that he saw as “trees on which grew wool,” which led to the myth that lambs expanded on woods. From that incorrect assumption, many other ancient thinkers, including Theophrastus and Pliny the Elder, discussed “wool-bearing trees” in their writings, perpetuating the myth. As later since the 18th or nineteenth centuries, it was nonetheless a commonly believed concept, with publications posted about them and a number of expeditions undertaken searching for the mythical plant.

8 Light Originated In The Eye
Originator: Plato

Plato, one of the greatest Greek philosophers, added considerably to health knowledge—erroneously in many situations. Maybe their worst mistake ended up being the idea that “a stream of light or fire” emanated from the attention, rebounded away from an object, and along with sunlight, letting it be observed by the eye. An object’s shade was considered “flame particles” that have been let-off its body. This was a commonly held notion before 11th century, when Persian scientist Ibn al-Haytham developed their concept that attention was simply an optical instrument in the writing The Book of Optics.

7 Veins Held Blood, Arteries Carried Air
Originator: Praxagoras

A historical Greek physician whoever writings have already been lost to humanity, Praxagoras is perhaps most widely known if you are the first ever to realize that veins and arteries are very different. But he believed that atmosphere traveled through the arteries (most likely because bloodstream will keep the arteries upon death and accumulates within the veins). Praxagoras explained away hemorrhaging by saying the arteries lured bloodstream from neighboring muscle whenever exposed to atmosphere. This principle ended up being extensively believed for years and years.

6 Sleep Occurs When Blood Flows From The Area
Originator: Alcmaeon

Another ancient Greek philosopher and medical practitioner, Alcmaeon of Croton had been the owner of a number of medical firsts, such as the indisputable fact that the brain had been the chair of comprehension, as opposed to the heart. He additionally theorized that sensory organs tend to be attached to the brain. However, he wasn’t always proper. He believed that rest found people when their bloodstream flowed from area of the figures into bloodstream further in. Alcmaeon in addition believed that death occurred if all the bloodstream moved deep to the human body.

5 The Brain Ended Up Being Simply A Soothing Device
Originator: Aristotle

Aristotle thought the heart ended up being the center of knowledge therefore the source of the sensations in the human body, rather than the brain, in which he had an appealing principle concerning the brain. He felt the brain ended up being just a cooling organ when it comes to heart and an area for “spirit” to pool. While earlier Greeks, including Alcmaeon and Plato, had put forth a neuro-centric model of the human body, Aristotle ridiculed all of them due to their “fallacious” views. Besides, he in addition believed women’s minds were smaller than men’s, another of his mistakes that persisted for many many years.

4 Hemorrhoids Could Possibly Be Cured In Weird Tactics
Originator: Pliny The Elder

Pliny the Elder was one of the best Roman writers and published Naturalis Historia, one of the very first examples of an encyclopedia. Apparently, hemorrhoids were very the issue when it comes to ancient Romans, because there had been some remedies. Making use of an onion as a suppository was expected to help, and eating garlic with wine but vomiting it back right up was reported to be beneficial to hemorrhoid individuals and. Utilizing a new reason behind rosemary and rubbing it regarding anus was also helpful (in addition it aided in the event that you had a prolapsed colon). Probably the strangest treatment had been a cream made from the lard of a pig as well as the rust of a chariot’s wheels.

3 Light Traveled Through The Ether
Originator: Aristotle

While Aristotle impacted society for thousands of years, it cann’t offer him a pass on a few of their wilder theories. Chief included in this was his indisputable fact that the whole world ended up being filled with an unknown substance called “the ether.” Aristotle proposed the idea because he believed light would-be struggling to undertake a clear universe. Like lots of their a few ideas, this persisted, and the most readily useful and brightest associated with systematic neighborhood neglected to contradict it. It absolutely was extensively thought until 1910, when Albert Einstein proved light didn’t need the ether together with concept of unique relativity.

2 The Testicles Determined A Person’s Voice
Originator: Aristotle

Aristotle definitely had their fair share of incorrect theories. Not the smallest amount of of these was your testicles were an integral consider identifying a person’s singing pitch. Aristotle’s reasoning was that a boy’s sound tended to deepen during puberty, whenever his testicles dropped (some this concept had been dependent on his findings in creatures also). Also, he realized that males who were castrated before puberty maintained their “ladylike” voice, in addition to many other characteristics. Clearly, we now understand the larynx while the mucus membrane layer within it get a handle on the voice’s pitch.

1 The Womb Roamed Around A Woman’s System
Originator: Hippocrates

Seen as the father of Western medication, Hippocrates had many incorrect theories, such as their theory of humorism, which reported that human body ended up being made up of four elements that caused conditions when off stability. However, his craziest concept ended up being the concept of a “wandering uterus.” Hippocrates believed that a woman’s human anatomy craved heat and dampness, so that they needed seriously to get set usually. If you don’t, their womb would get bored and commence to move around their body. Furthermore, too much “male tasks,” could also result in the womb to wander. Based where it eventually connected itself, different disorders could end up, including hysteria. This was however a widely held theory before the dark ages.