Entire Village Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ To Raise Funds For A Woman With Cancer

There is no better show of support than what an entire village did for one woman. It”s truly amazing.

The village of Audlem in England is hoping its rendition of “Amazing Grace” will go viral and raise much-needed funds for the Mend Our Mum campaign. The campaign hopes to raise 100,000 ($155,000) for villager Berni Cliffe, a 52-year-old mother with stage four gall bladder cancer. The campaign was started by her daughters, Terri and Hannah, aged 20 and 17, in the hope of raising the money needed for treatment in America that could prolong her life.

(via JG ThenMedia)

It took more than 250 hours of filming and over a thousand Audlem residents to make the video. What a true show of support and love for their neighbor.