Good Luck Sleeping In With These Silly, Playful Pups Around!

If you”re a dog owner, you may be familiar with the fact that setting an alarm before you go to sleep is totally unnecessary. You may even forget what your alarm even sounds like, since you always shut it off far before you planned on waking up. Why?

Because your pup is too eager to start the day to let you catch those last 45 minutes of ZzzZzzZzz”s. The upside? For outsiders, it”s sadistically hilarious. Heck, sometimes it”s even kind of cute.

Time to wake up…

Time to wake up...

And smell the coffee!

And smell the coffee!

…Right this second!

(source YouTube / Tiger Productions)

Well, you can always look at it with the glass half full: these puppies are a lot cuter than any alarm clock I”ve ever seen!