Heartbreaking Video Shows Father Singing To His Dying Infant Son.

This video went viral after a father uploaded it to YouTube, but for truly heartbreaking reasons.

The video shows new father Chris Picco playing guitar and singing Paul McCartney”s Blackbird to his newborn son, Lennon James, who lies before him in an incubator. Chris lost his wife, Ashley, just days earlier when she unexpectedly died in her sleep. Her death forced doctors to deliver baby Lennon into the world via an emergency C-section four months prematurely.

Ashley would often feel baby Lennon moving to music during the pregnancy. To soothe his son, Chris brought his guitar into the Intensive Care Unit, which he played for several hours during the last days of Lennon”s life. A day after filming this video, Lennon went to sleep in his daddy”s arms.

(Source: K.C. Hohensee)

People say life isn”t fair. This happens to be true in this case. Chris is clearly a strong and wonderful husband and father. My heart goes out to him and the whole family.