Hero Fisherman Rescues Two Strangers Completely Trapped In Waist-High Mud

At the start of this dramatic video clip, you might think you’re seeing several’s digital camera being stolen…But this is certainly far from the truth.

The guy in video clip is a Thai fisherman that is becoming hailed a hero after he stumbled on the relief of an elderly Norwegian couple that has become trapped in waist-high mud by the coast associated with Krabi River.


The crisis unfolded after the tourists was in fact taking photos of wild birds across the coast for the lake, and then are caught in dirt whenever trying to make their way back to the road. After they truly became trapped, the fisherman spotted all of them and rushed to help them aside, first getting their pricey photography equipment to safe floor before trying his toughest to get all of them unstuck. At one point he even risked his own protection by lying down and getting their body dirty so that the stuck tourists could use it as a plank to pull on their own from the dirt. Luckily it worked, and as you can observe within the video clip, everybody got out safely!

We truly need a lot more people like that amazing man worldwide.