It Started Out With Them Bickering, But When He Turned On The Radio Everything Changed

It”s only been a few months since English comedian James Corden took over the The Late Late Show, but he”s already making big waves with his hysterical antics.

His latest video involves him taking on the role of chauffeur, picking up Grammy Award-winning singer Jennifer Hudson and driving her around for the day. What makes this ride so special is that the pair decided to have a karaoke session in the car, playing some classic tunes, including a few of Hudson”s greatest hits.

(source The Late Late Show with James Corden)

That was hilarious. I love how Jennifer gave us a bit of everything: water bottle microphones, singing to passing buses, belting out a drive-thru order, and even giving props to her recorded self.

If the freshman late night talk show host makes future “Carpool Karaoke” sketches half as good as this, then we”re in for a real treat.