They Had Some Extra Boxes And Created Something Mind-Blowing…For Cats

DIY has become a huge phenomenon. Sure, it”s usually for our own benefit (a cool new lamp made from string, a brilliant way to cook a brownie in the microwave), but what do you do when you have an absurd number of boxes left over from moving, and also nine cats?

Well the answer, to me, seems pretty simple…

You make a cat jungle gym of sorts…

You make a cat jungle gym of sorts...

Because, well, why not?

Because, well, why not?

It”s like kitty heaven!

I honestly could watch this for hours.

Specifically, though, this guy.

Specifically, though, this guy.

(source 9 Cats.)

Look at that last little one, giving his owners an endless round of applause for creating this mind-numbingly awesome play fort. He loves it!

This, my friends, is DIY at its finest hour.

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