This Couple Was Randomly Attacked By A Vicious Boar, But Had 2 Guardian Angels

While strolling in the French countryside, one couple drew the ire of a wild boar. Boars look like pigs, but are known for their nasty temperaments and destructiveeven deadlybehavior. The couple was filming a boar romping down the road, and they probably should have left quietly, because soon enough, the boar decided to turn its attention towards them.

There was drama, there was screaming, and there was some jolting found-footage camera movement.

But then, something absolutely amazing happened. Just watch.

(via YouTube/Marc Polet)

It seems that it isn”t just humans who prefer to keep boars away. Thanks to these ponies, who are both adorable and who clearly don”t put up with any guff from other creatures, this video made it to the Internet for your enjoyment.