Top 10 Bizarre Birth Defects

This listing is an intro for our brand new guide due call at November, the best Book of Bizarre listings, featuring listings not found on this website or anywhere! You’ll pre-order a copy today and you will also purchase our first book. In addition, the initial five people who compose analysis initial book on Amazon can email me personally their address for a free copy of both publications in November. Enter fast! This list talks about birth defects – the fear each and every expectant mother or father. Most are fairly really know while others tend to be, fortunately, exceedingly unusual. Warning: some pictures on this record may disturb.

Siamese Twins

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Many of us are acquainted with the tales of Siamese twins (known as the country of delivery associated with the first known conjoined twins). It really is, obviously, a rare condition which twins tend to be born joined together at more than one elements of their health. In most rare cases, kiddies is created joined at the top of their particular mind. Occasionally Siamese twins is divided, permitting both to live complete resides, but more frequently, this is simply not feasible.

Ambras Syndrome


Ambras Syndrome is a disorder that triggers you to definitely be born with excessive hair throughout the face and body. It is fortunately a really uncommon illness; actually, there are only 40 humans worldwide along with it at the moment. The illness is extremely debilitating for children, as they are frequently denied by their colleagues.

Fused Limbs

Fused limbs are two limbs that are accompanied collectively. This will probably take place in some cases with toes or hands, however in a current situation in Peru, a woman came to be with her legs totally fused, providing her the look of a mermaid. One out of every 70,000 children has actually this condition.



Cyclopia is termed when it comes to famous mythical animal the Cyclops. Children produced with cyclopia have one eye in the exact middle of their mind. It really is believed that the cause can be related to specific cancer therapy drugs taken by pregnant women.

Craniopagus parasiticus


Craniopagus parasiticus is a condition for which a child is born with a parasitic additional mind from their unborn twin. There have only already been ten instances from it in documented history, with only three surviving delivery. In one single strange situation, the second head could laugh, blink, cry, and suckle.

Foetus in Foetu

Pregnant Baby

Foetus in foetu is when a young child exists with his twin inside him, offering the appearance of maternity. Both twins are created from egg, but during maternity, one is absorbed because of the other and it also starts to stay off it like a parasite. Surgery usually can eliminate the undeveloped twin through the stronger one with no harmful effects.

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva


Children that are created with this specific infection develop bone in areas being injured. In which a kid is hurt and would normally scar or have their particular epidermis grow right back, the child experiencing fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva develops bone tissue in adequately large volumes that it can become debilitating, because of the extra bone tissue fusing bones. The bone is not removed in surgery since it would trigger much more bone to cultivate in surgery wounds.



Progeria occurs in one single in eight million births. It causes a young child to appear elderly well beyond their particular years. Kiddies with progeria shed their particular hair, develop wrinkles, and accept the facial qualities of the extremely old. Severe arterial harm brought on by the disease implies that many patients die by the time they struck adolescence.

Vestigial Tail

Human Tails 10

Vestigial tail is when a young child is born with a semi-functional tail, complete with muscle tissue, nerves, epidermis, and arteries. It really is considered to be due to a mutation associated with genetics that exist in babies to cause the cellular death of areas of the body that aren’t required.



Anencephaly is the absence of a brain and vertebral chord. There’s absolutely no remedy and most anencephalic children die during childbirth. In accordance with the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, “a child born with anencephaly is usually blind, deaf, unconscious, and incapable of feel pain. While some individuals with anencephaly is produced with a main brain stem, the lack of a functioning cerebrum completely rules out the likelihood of previously getting consciousness. Reflex activities particularly breathing and reactions to sound or touch occur.”


Giant Baby 450

Pictured above could be the extra item – a huge child created to a mother who was simply a mere 5 foot tall! The child weighed in at 400 tons. Inside photo you can see a group of family members preparing the child to visit hospital for its shots. This product could be the bonus because it is demonstrably not real 🙂

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