What Happened On This Subway? We’re Not Really Sure, But It Was Hilarious

The subway isn”t exactly the most personal place on our planet. It”s a cramped destination filled with grumpy commuters, and there”s always a person who chooses it”s an apt area for eating a pungent dinner. However sometimes, if rarely, everything all comes together within one magical minute that brightens everyone”s day.

This freak event doesn”t take place often, however it did one day, and results were side-splitting.

Your drive is mostly about for unusual. And hilarious.

Your travel is all about to get unusual. And hilarious.

We might never know what trigger this cascade of inexplicable laughter, but it doesn”t truly matter. These individuals had a bizarre and hilarious train trip, plus it”s the small things that count.

There”s more subway weirdness ahead: