What This Student Discovered When Entering His $8,000/Semester Dorm Is Horrific. OMG.

When you imagine likely to university, you hope you want your courses, you will be making friends, along with your roomie has at the very least an unclear idea of just what”s “normal.” And therefore”s all you could really should be fretting about, appropriate? Specially when you cringe at how much money you”re investing is there 😉 . The very last thing in your thoughts must be the quality, or shortage thereof, associated with dormitory rooms. Until now. If this freshman at George Washington University showed up on his first-day of college and surveyed his brand-new “room” for year, he got the surprise of their life, and actually paid for it. Keep reading and you”ll know the reason why…

When you look at the Fall of 2010, this GW student arrived to his two fold occupancy area, simply to find four bedrooms strewn about. He and his THREE roommates put in work instructions to at the very least bunk all of them, but it hardly ever really occurred. This is just a sign of the awful circumstances ahead. “they’re horrible with work sales. It took them weeks to fix things, but the majority had been simply dismissed. The mold was a massive problem. [there clearly was] anything from defective piping, dirty water, missing/broken furnishings, missing floor tiles, broken lights, broken house windows etc.”

into the Fall of 2010, this GW pupil showed up to his dual occupancy area, simply to get a hold of four beds strewn about. He and his THREE roommates place in work instructions to at the very least bunk them, nonetheless it never truly happened. It was only an indication of the terrible circumstances in the future.

Later, after extensive issues had been submitted, the bedrooms had been bunked, but instantly disassembled when they moved around plenty they very nearly dropped from the resting roomie underneath repeatedly. Making things more serious, as a Freshman, it”s MANDATORY you stay on-campus in one of these dorms. All at a price of $8000 a semester. And even though this technically included meals to reside on, many pupils literally starved. “once I joined, I was 175 pounds at 6 foot. Once I left, I became 125 lbs. We relied regarding meal plan and attempted to not spend more money compared to the cash I happened to be already spending on that. J-street (the food judge) shut around 6pm after which all week-end. There have been a couple of sandwich locations like Subway, Potbellys, Starbucks plus some delis. There is additionally CVS and 7-11 that we went along to routinely. There is a Trader Joe”s and I also think Safeway (they performedn”t accept the Colonial cash), but they had been a couple of kilometers away (no automobile), and I performedn”t precisely have actually a kitchen to prepare in. There was in addition deficiencies in area when you look at the area to truly hold food. I was the minority, most people just spent the extra thousands of dollars to attend sit restaurants, activities bars, and these types of.”

Later, after considerable complaints were submitted, the beds had been bunked, but instantly taken down if they moved around a great deal they almost fell regarding sleeping roommate underneath many times. Making issues more serious, as a Freshman, it

Through the $8000 total, “[w]e must pay a necessary $1,800 a semester [for food and] we didn”t need a dinning hallway. We’d a food courtroom with Wendy”s, Chic fil A, Pizza Hut Express, and a couple other suppliers in which we had to spend $800. Then we got $1,000 “Colonial money,” which could be utilized at nearby sellers like CVS. Many vendors though jacked up their particular costs or just accepted it on choose products. We wound up purchasing Visa present cards from CVS with mine therefore I ended up beingn”t so restricted. The entire area though was extremely expensive and most sellers were just available during company hours since DC is a large commuter town. We lost over 50 pounds that year from malnutrition.”

from 00 total, "[w]e needed to pay a mandatory ,800 a semester [for meals and] we performedn

Thank goodness, this pupil transferred after he completed his very first year at GW. However, it”s a sad truth that someplace now is a soon-to-be freshman very excited about likely to university the very first time, without any idea about what”s planning to be in store for them inside nightmare dorm room. Supply: Imgur via Reddit