You Can See Some Of The Most Amazing Parts Of This Country In Just 4 Minutes

You might not have five months to hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, but thanks to this amazing time-lapse video by filmmaker Andy Davidhazy, you can experience a tiny slice of the incredible journey right in your living room.

(via YouTube/Andy Davidhazy)

Davidhazy hiked the trail in 2013, and snapped a selfie for each of the 2,660 miles he walked. Not only can you see the changes in the climates as he traverses the continent, but you can also see the changes in Davidhazy himself. You can also see glimpses of the majestic terrain, of landmarks, and of other travelers in the background.

The hike inspired a film called Lost or Found, which details what happens after a man, played by Davidhazy, completes a major hike and spends five months in the wilderness, and what comes next as he reenters the rest of the world.